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This site is inspired by Terry Pratchett's books about The Discworld ® and by the Discworld Mapp, devised by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs and drawn by Stephen Player.

The map used on this site is a modification of the original one — it's the result of a processing of a scanned JPEG copy of the original, made available on the Internet. The processing aimed at improving the quality of the image and adapting it for the site. It included:

  • erasure of artefacts, caused by the strong compression of the source image;
  • redrawing the big water areas;
  • removing some elements — mostly images in the corners;
  • removing the superscriptions in English and replacing some of them with their Bulgarian translations;
  • adding details lost in the scanning or in the blank areas that occured after removing some original elements off the map.

The processing was made with great care and has not changed The Discworld geography from the original Mapp.

Anybody could add objects and their descriptions to the map and also to edit the already existing ones. The aim is to place on the map all the geographic objects from The Discworld novels and to find their best descriptions. Only the site administrators could delete objects.

Unless otherwise specified, all texts in this site that are written by the site visitors and administrators are published under the Creative Commons License ("Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike").
This license does not extend to any original work by Terry Pratchett, Stephen Briggs or Stephen Player — all copyrights relating to the original material remain vested in their respective authors.

The texts from Wikipedia are available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

DISCWORLD ® is a trademark registered by Terry Pratchett.

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